Access Network Solutions


Let’s Revolutionize the way we Access Security.

How we lock & unlock doors from the traditional lock & key method, to the future of new digital accessibility via smartphone technology.

Instead of the traditional key & keychain, the new ANS Key Wallet is for users to install, integrate, access, monitor smart lock functions.

We’re here to disrupt the security industry through the evolution of advanced access control hardware with software accessibility.



Our vision is to become an industry leader in the security space by strategically developing the best products and technologies.  

Developing the highest-quality smart locks with a new, interactive, and easy-to-use software app for the future in a reimagined world. 

We envision people to digitally access doors more than ever before.

Let’s build a way to advance access control security and help you lose your keys for good. Imagine a world where all doors open with the tap of a smartphone via digital lock systems.  





Accessibility is the key. 

Having access to a software that works, simple to setup and supports each function. 

Integrate with a smartphone, download the ANS application and connect to the ANS smart lock system. Centrally manage the Key Wallet with our cloud-based software.

Helping customers from a wide range of industries by providing a digitize key and access management through centrally managed locking systems with tailored solutions.


Connectivity is the lock. 

Smart lock systems are secure, easy to install, and enable control the access security at your fingertips. Connected to your smartphone to access door security while assigning access privileges. Where you can assign permanent or temporary users. 

ANS smart locks can easily be reset by changing the access codes which helps increase security. When authorization to others is granted, simply change the access code, thus denying them entry into the premises.

The app can lock and unlock the smart lock from a far, remotely. This helps reduce inconveniences, such as requiring to go back to lock your home or business if you left it open. Increase connectivity between the lock and device with smart alarms and video surveillance cameras.



Advanced Hardware Products with  Access Control Devices for smart locks, cameras, alarms, control systems,


Download application to connect with the smart lock. Easy to use infrastructure and connectivity to hardware. 

Let’s unlock  the doors of the future, Smart Lock Solutions.


Security engine of the system that protects consumers. Smart Lock, High Security Systems, Enhanced Security with Highly Detective. Secured Encryptions.


Secure Technology

Access Network Solutions is focused on the evolution of digital accessibility and connectivity via smart lock solutions. Our trusted hardware is combined with intelligent software. A security engine of the system that protects consumers.



Imagine a world in which all doors open from the tap of your smartphone. Without mechanical keys, without code entry or control panels. We unlock the doors of the future home and business with process improvements to an industry due for an update.


Creating balance between today’s cutting edge technology and practicality of everyday living experiences.


The world as we know it is becoming more digital each and every day. One area seeming to be slower to transition is the digital lock industry. With the amount of existing doors in the world, new doors being built, ANS focuses on being a leader in the digital lock space.